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The Workplace You Need Now: Shaping Spaces For the Future of Work

Accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the world of work has undergone a lasting transformation. Individuals, organizations, and institutions are seeking the right balance of workspace opportunities. Workers want to know how remote work can fit into their lives, and how the office can meet their needs. Organizational decision-makers need to shape the future of workplaces. In The Workplace You Need Now: Shaping Spaces for the Future of Work, work environment executives and experts Dr. Sanjay Rishi
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A Company Carol: What Corporate Leaders Can Learn from the Ghosts of their Past, Present and Future

Nearly 200 years after Charles Dickens’ novel ‘A Christmas Carol’ was first published in 1843, the lessons of this now iconic tale have remained consistently relevant. From stage plays to radio shows, movie renditions and modern retellings – most recently the very charming AppleTV+ musical ‘Spirited,’ – the story of Ebenezer Scrooge’s transformation from a soulless businessman to an empathetic and engaged member of his community continues to resonate deeply with each passing generation.



Med-Tail: Retail Sites Offer Opportunities for Healthcare - Construction

Vacated retail spaces can help healthcare organizations address real estate needs and align services with the communities they serve.

As many as 2,373 retail stores are set to close across the United States, according to a Business Insider magazine tally of announcements by major retailers in 2023. At the top of the heap is Bed Bath and Beyond, which declared bankruptcy and has embarked on closures of nearly 900 stores. Other headliners include Foot Locker with 596 stores, Walgreens with 150 st

Mitchell Korte: Elevate Student Housing with Cues from Hospitality

Gen Z students are prioritizing their own well-being during their college years, and developers are responding. In recent years, student housing developments have undergone a transformation, shifting from traditional dorms to hospitality-inspired environments. Innovative designs and curated services that underscore wellness and accommodate a wide variety of emotional and social needs are the ticket.

Take 5 With Project Management Advisors’ Doug King - HCD Magazine

In this series, Healthcare Design asks leading healthcare design professionals, firms, and owners to tell us what has their attention and share their ideas on the subject.

Doug King is vice president and national healthcare sector lead at Project Management Advisors Inc., a program management/owner representative firm in Chicago. Here he shares his thoughts on why hospitals are adding more retail space, the role of FQHCs in providing health equity, and the use of AI and robotics for materials h

How People-First Design Enables ALL People to Thrive in the Office

Yong In of Unispace shares four ways employers looking to up their in-office attendance can consider taking a people-first approach to office design.

Ironically, the multibillion-dollar industry designed to create spaces where people can get work done effectively and efficiently seems to be somewhat out of touch with employee needs.

According to a recent report, more than half (58%) of employees around the world say that they struggle to effectively carry out their core role in their current o

Zynga levels up its global workplace strategy

Making video games that are fun to play can be surprisingly hard work. Just ask Zynga, the company known for Farmville, Words with Friends and other popular video games. When Zynga had an opportunity to rethink its headquarters and workplace strategy, creating the right environment to inspire employees was a top priority. For years, Zynga’s headquarters was in San Francisco, near technology talent and the buzz of urban living. The company was known not only for its popular products, but for its

Great leaders drive change by shaping desire, not by decree

Regan Donoghue of Unispace says less management, more inspiration is key—and shares tips for success.

Change may be the only constant, but the need for it has reached fever pitch in today’s workplace. From here-to-stay hybrid trends fast-tracked by COVID-19 to new demographics and breakneck tech innovation, the way we work is changing irrevocably—and organizations must adapt to avoid being left behind.

Embracing change will help smooth the way for future uncertainty, while supporting recruitme


Project Management Advisors on LinkedIn: Connect CRE

Both major and secondary life sciences markets felt a boost in speculative construction after the pandemic, when interest rates were low and there was an urgency around life sciences investment and development. As a result, the amount of new speculative space coming into the market in 2024 is far greater than at any other point in the sector’s 25-to-30-year history. PMA's Ken Richter spoke with Connect CRE about the current challenges and opportunities in the life sciences spec construction spac

Project Management Advisors on LinkedIn: Architects Eye Affordable Incentives - Los Angeles Business Journal

While Los Angeles struggles with increased rates of homelessness, the city is also pioneering new incentives to bridge the gap between the number of available affordable housing units and the growing population that requires them. PMA Vice President and General Manager, Los Angeles Sonnet Hui spoke with Brynn Shaffer at Los Angeles Business Journal about the city's incentives to build more affordable housing. Read more at the link below:

Sonnet Hui on LinkedIn: Home - Los Angeles Business Journal

Time is money in the development world, so incentives that fast-track affordable housing developments are always welcome, but particularly in Los Angeles, where homelessness has been declared a state of emergency. I recently spoke with Brynn Shaffer at Los Angeles Business Journal about a new crop of affordable housing incentives and how the city is appealing to the development community to bring more affordable housing units to the market.